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The right solution for you

At D&I Plumbing and Heating Limited we only install boilers once we understand the heat requirements of a property, number of occupants and their hot water needs. By law all boilers are required to be high efficiency condensing boilers, which is great for customers.


Fitting the right boiler or system for your needs is important in order for it to run at optimum efficiency which is good for the environment and will ensure your energy bills are as low as possible. There are a number of boiler systems to choose from which means we can match the right solution for your needs. 


Combi boilers will supply instant hot water on demand and because the system doesn’t store any hot water you are saving money. The cold mains supplying the system will need to deliver a good level of water pressure and they are usually only suitable for one working outlet at any one time. There are limitations to consider with this system and are generally not suitable for high demand or larger properties.


Traditional open vented cylinder systems are very common in the UK, needing a tank in the loft and a boiler to heat the cylinder. The hot water is available at a low pressure but it can be accessed from more than one outlet. A pump is usually required if you want a high pressure shower which can be noisy when operated and expensive to fit.


These systems can have an electric immersion heater back-up. It can also harness the power generated from solar panels. A good solution for areas where cold mains supplies fluctuate or water is supplied at a low pressure. A large tank in the loft is required and hot water needs to be stored.


An Unvented cylinder will supply high mains pressure water around your home. There is no requirement for a shower pump and the cylinder can supply many outlets simultaneously which makes this system ideal for larger properties with numerous bathrooms.


As with the open vented cylinder an electric immersion heater back up can be fitted as well as being able to use solar panels. The system requires a good cold mains pressure and the storing of hot water but no tank is required in the loft, making this a more modern system than the traditional solution.


Whatever system is suitable for your property D&I Plumbing and Heating Limited can install using gas, oil or LPG. Our engineers are certified to work with any of these energy sources and if you want to change your source we can do this at the same time.


A complete service


D & I Plumbing and Heating Limited offer a complete bathroom fitting service. We can supply and install each element in the room or simply fit the suite you have already chosen. In addition to the plumbing we can arrange the tiling, electrics and plastering through our reliable network of trades people.

D&I Plumbing & Heating


It’s not always about the large installation projects we also offer general plumbing services to sort out the little things that niggle away at you daily. This can be anything from replacing taps, kitchen sinks to fixing leaking toilets and ball valves.


The location of radiators around a property is important to ensure an effective heating system. These now come in all shapes and sizes, so making them an exciting design feature for any house. We can install modern radiators on any new or existing properties


Working on over 50 new builds in the last 20 years we can design, specify and install complete plumbing and heating systems to a customer’s exact specifications. Liaising with the builders to make sure the ground work is laid well before you choose the finishing touches to your kitchen, bathroom and en suites.


Something a bit different

Alternative energy sources have become increasingly popular for heating properties. Over the years we have seen an increase in wood burner and Aga link ups and a higher demand for solar technologies. If you prefer to look at alternatives to traditional energy supplies there are some exciting solutions available on the market.


It’s not just about the energy source, you can also choose how a property is heated and which gadgets to install.

Under floor heating has increased in popularity providing a constant ambient heat that naturally rises and negating the need to position bulky radiators around a property.


In the kitchen, garage or utility a water softener can be installed to help reduce limescale build up in a property.


The latest innovation we can install is an instant boiling water tap.

Staying in control


There are a range of smart control systems on the market which enable you to manage the heating whilst away from your property. We can install this type of system so you can monitor or change the settings whilst on the move via a range of mobile devices. It’s a really clever system and means you never have to enter a cold house again or wait for the hot water to heat up.


We can also install the more traditional programmers, such as time switches and thermostats, to help you stay in control of your heating and hot water.




Keeping everything running smoothly


Regular maintenance on your boiler is essential to reduce the risk of being without heating or hot water due to a malfunction. D&I Plumbing and Heating Limited can service all types of boilers and would recommend an annual visit to check each element is working efficiently and that the manufacturer’s warranty is being maintained.


Specialist services such as power flushing are used to cleanse a heating system. Over time sludge and corrosive elements will deposit which can make the whole process less efficient and increase the risk of a breakdown. Flushing the heating system via a pump and magnetic heating filter will clear these elements, restoring the operating effectiveness of the boiler and system.


Any heating system will contain a certain degree of debris, so in order to reduce the amount circulating a system filter called Magnaclean can be used. This collects the sludge from the system and can be cleaned then refitted to capture more sludge. They are very simple to fit, clean, refit and most boiler manufacturers now insist on these being installed in order to maintain the boiler warranty.


Additional services


D&I Plumbing & Heating Limited work with a number of schools in the local area to upgrade and maintain plumbing and heating facilities. School holidays are a great time to be undertaking this type of work with no disruption to staff or pupils.


If you are a landlord with a property or several properties we can help you meet your legal requirements by carrying out a gas or oil safety report on your heating and hot water system to ensure there are no problems and that it is safe for your tenants. We can also carry out a Legionnaires risk assessment on your hot and cold water systems. There is a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act for all landlords and businesses to assess and control the risk of exposure to legionnella bacteria.

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Combination Boilers ( Combi boilers )

  • Heats water and runs central heating system from a single boiler.
  • Instant hot water 24/7, nothing stored in a cylinder.
  • No tanks in the loft which means a ‘dry’ loft and no frozen pipes.
  • 8 year Warranty for Valliant Ecotec boilers as D & I Plumbing and Heating Limited are
  • Mastertec aproved Vaillant engineers.
  • No hot water cylinder in airing cupboard giving you more space.
  • May require an upgraded gas supply.

Traditional Boilers

  • Older type boilers that have traditionally been installed in the UK.
  • Cylinder required for storing hot water which can be open vent or unvented.
  • F&E tank required in loft for cold water storage and to maintain the water level for the heating system.

These boilers are a good replacement where there is an established radiator system, particularly if there are pipes under concrete floors or a need to reduce the risk of older pipes being subjected to higher pressures.

These are ideal for smaller properties, typically 2 or 3 bedrooms, with limited space in the loft and airing cupboard.

System Boilers

  • Cylinder required for storing hot water which can be open vent or unvented.
  • A sealed system so less long term corrosion compared to open vented boilers.
  • No F&E tank needed in the loft. You can then have a ‘dry’ loft if coupled with an unvented cylinder.
  • Water is heated under pressure so heats up quicker whilst using less energy.
  • More of the heating components are built into the boiler which makes it a more tidy and simpler system to maintain.

These modern new systems are very efficient and cost effective.