1. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. You are entering into an agreement with D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited. If you are uncertain of your rights or need an explanation of them, please ring us or write to us.
  2. The company has quoted for plumbing and heating works that meet the requirements of your home. Once you have accepted the estimate/quotation via email, text, letter or verbally, the company will undertake to carry out all the works required to complete the work described in your specification, and the estimate/quote/verbal agreement subject to the conditions in this agreement.
  3. It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary consent for the installation work in terms of planning permission, building regulations, conservation area consent, neighbour and mortgage consent. D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited will not incur cost due to this not being met.
  4. You are required to provide resonable access to enable work to be completed.
  5. Prices do not include the removal of hazardous waste such as asbestos. If hazardous waste is found, work will stop, the area will be made safe and all staff will evacuate. It is your responsibiltiy to have the hazardous material removed and a certificate provided to prove such.
  6. Where new work is carried out and is connected into your existing system, D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited cannot accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing your existing system which subsequently develops a fault. Repairs made will be charged as extra.
  7. When converting a low pressure tank fed heating system, D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited cannot accept liability for problems that may be caused when upgrading to a high pressure sealed heating system. This also applies when power flushing a heating system is carried out.
  8. The warranty for a boiler is covered by the boiler manufacturer. The warranty only applies to the boiler, not the rest of the heating system. Parts and labour charged by us carry a 12 month warranty. The boiler warranty will be void if an annual service is not carried out, this is the customers responsibility. Boiler manufacturers warranties vary so please ask.
  9. We will not accept damage to any floor coverings such as tiles, lino or carpet etc. that may be damaged whilst lifting flooring whilst trying to gain access to pipes and plumbing equipment.
  10. Any decoration work that is required after work is completed is your responsibility. We accept no liability for wall coverings, painting, tiles etc. 
  11. D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited will not accept any liabilty for failure to perform its obligations under any quotation if it is prevented from carrying out work beyond its control such as adverse weather conditions, fire, war, failure of electricity,fuel or water supply or due to failure of a third party not under D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited’s control. Any goods damaged, work damaged or work voided by a third party must be paid for in full. We accept no damage by third parties not in our control.
  12. Acceptance of an estimate must be made via text, email, or by letter. You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period to cancel any work after the day the contract was made. This must be in writing, text or email. If you request we start the work before the 14 days and then cancel we will charge you work carried out up to that point and materials used. Please note that your right to cancel does not apply in cases where you have called us to carry out emergency work.
  13. All terms of payment are immediate upon receipt of invoice. If stage payments are involved, payment will be expected once invoice is received. Payments are to be made via Bacs, cheque or cash to D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited. 
  14. Title in the goods will not pass to the Buyer but shall be retained by D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited until payment is made in full. D & I Plumbing and Heating Limited will have absolute authority to retake goods until payment is met. We will be entitled to enter premises within normal working hours without notice to obtain goods where installed, stored or kept.
  15. D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited shall be entitled to seek an injunction to prevent such goods, as clause 14, to be sold, transferred or disposed of.
  16. D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited work and parts carry a 12 months gurantee. However, if goods are not maintained to manufacturers instructions, is a fault else where in the system not related to our work, is fair wear and tear, wilful damage, damage by another third party we will not have to honor the gurantee.
  17. Nothing in these conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods.
  18. Goods supplied by yourselves which may develop a fault are your responsibility. We accept no responsibility for any damage this may cause. Any further work we are asked to carry out in relation to your faulty parts will be charged extra. We cannot be expected to replace your faulty parts at no extra cost to ensure work is completed.
  19. After delivery of goods via D & I Plumbing & Heating Limited to the buyer, the buyer will be required to store the goods at their risk and to keep them safe, secure and free from damage. You are to ensure you are insured against any loss or damage that may incur.
  20. These terms are personal to you and are not transfereable to any other parties.
  21. We must be informed of any defects in writing. We must be given the opportunity within working hours to rectify defects.


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